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Impeller Tips

Hino Diesel. Heat exchanger end cap clogged with broken impeller blades. Also noted are the mineral deposits fused to the end cap.

Cummins Diesel: Raw-water pump impeller with a distorted “set” to the blades to due months of non-use.

Same impeller showing damage to blades.

Change Out That Seawater Impeller On A Regular Basis.

Why is it that we encourage owners to follow engine manufacturer’s directives, and change out seawater pump impellers on a regularly scheduled basis? Even if… “it has been working fine for years!”

Why? Because It will cost far less to change out an impeller once a year than to pay us for engine damage due to reduced sea water flow, because of blocked cooling journals due to broken and/or fragmented pieces of rubber blocking your cooling system. You can imagine how much time is involved in dismantling an entire raw-water cooling system! And, of course there is the high potential for over-heating damage as well.

What Happens: Rubber impellers last only so long before they start to break down due to exposure to seawater and wear.

Rubber Can Take a “set”: Additionally rubber blades tend to take a “set”. In other words, the impeller blades will acquire a fixed bend to the shape of the housing where the intake and out-take are located. This especially happens to pump impellers where a boat sits for long periods of time with no use.

Cracking And Then Breaking: Cracking typically starts at the base of the blades. An impeller can have cracked blades and still pump. However as the cracks continue to enlarge the pump will lose its ability to pump the proper volume of cooling water. Eventually these blades break off and more often than not become lodged anywhere in the raw water-side of the cooling system.

Wear Due to Use: Boats that do get a lot of use have impellers that through extensive use just plain wear out. These too though they may look fine upon inspection will have a reduced ability to pump the appropriate volume of water.

Silt Wear: A third issue that is not too much concern for those who cruise the Puget Sound, but anyone who cruises in tributaries where there is a measurable amount of silt will have issues of accelerated wear to the tips of the blades as such water is abrasive to the rubber.

How Often Should The Raw-Water Impeller Be Changed Out?

Well… Ask five mechanics, and you may get five different answers. We tend to encourage our clients to start with their engine manufacturer’s recommendation. Most all call for a once a year replacement. We tend to be guided by all manufacturers’ maintenance schedules.

Wear-Plate: Additionally, there is a wear plate at the base of the pump housing that should be inspected when the impeller is changed out. These typically last many years in non-silted water.

To the right are photos with captions of situations we see on a yearly basis.


What our clients are saying:

Selecting Galmukoff Marine to re-power our 32 foot sailboat turned out to be a great decision. They were very focused, managed all the necessary details, and exhibited true professionalism throughout the entire project. Also, the follow up support could not have been better. Thanks Owen and Mike!!

Ed Cooper

Galmukoff Marine has provided engine and electrical service on my Concordia Yawl now for several years, and I can honestly say I am very pleased with their work and appreciative to be a customer.  I am an absentee owner, and so it is very important to me to have local support from people who I trust, and are fair in their dealings with me. I can honestly say that I have this with Galmukoff Marine.  They have diagnosed engine and electrical issues on my boat accurately, and conducted the repairs quickly, efficiently, and for a fair price.  The quality of their work is excellent.  And when I have needed work done quickly they have rearranged their very busy schedule to help me out.  Everyone at Galmukoffs are a real pleasure to work with and I rely on them for all of my maintenance work.

Many thanks!
Scott Dethloff

Dealing with Mike and Owen is truly as good as it gets!
Great communication, and exceptional marine technical skills is what they employed when they worked on our boat. 

They also have the foresight, and a vision on how an upgrade or an electrical project may effect our boating life in the future.  
With an honest opinion both negative and positive, the Galmukoff’s are the guys you want to deal with when it comes to working on your boat regardless of size and scope.
They completely re-built our entire propulsion system, and installed a bow thruster. The thruster tube was not just installed in the hull straight where water turbulents underway would negativelly affect speed and handling, but they considered the effect of hydrodynamics, and added shape both in front, and in back of the tube. 
They also re-wired our entire boat to ABYC specifications. They designed a proprietary electrical panel that is an improvement beyond belief. They installed all of our new Garmin Navigation Package, which included Radar, plotter, AIS and Wi-Fi. They also installed a new windlass system with foot operated as well as a helm mounted remote. 
We were very confident that they would do it correctly, and we are very happy with the upgrades they helped us with on our Nordic Tug.  Even though our boat is an older model it feels like factory new with many options better than factory new.  
Give Mike or Owen a call if you need work done on your boat, and want to keep your anxiety level low.  
Be assured, the Galmukoff’s will find a way to complete the project, and they will make a way if necessary. They are as good as it gets!

Dan & Mary Stroeing
Nordic Tug, M/V Gammel Dansk

Owen Galmukoff stays on top of the project and keeps us updated on its status. More importantly he informs us about the issues and offers realistic options and practical, cost effective solutions. His preventative measures to ensure the problem would not reoccur showed his attention to detail–as if our boat was his very own. We have and continue to highly recommend Galmukoff Mobile Marine to fellow boaters—both sail and power.

Fred & Ilona Bell

Jon and I continue to appreciate the great work Galmukoff Marine did on Brigadoon; excellent communication, photographs of the work, practical, and common sense solutions and the patience to explain it all.

Thank you again. S/V Brigadoon Geoff Freer, Jon Buckle.

“I highly recommend Owen, and his company because he is reliable, experienced, careful, efficient, and organized. When Owen is doing maintenance or a job on my boat, and I’m learning about this system or task, and writing things down, they have been an unfailingly calm, patient, and effective teachers.”

Sue Hoover
S/V Quantum Leap
Port Townsend, WA

“I can always depend on Galmukoff Marine for their attention to detail and outstanding quality of work on every project. I have been a long time client with boats I operate professionally, as well as my own boat. I rely on the crew at Galmukoff for their expertise, knowledge, and skills to complete any kind of service or repair on both sail and powerboats.”

Capt. Terry V. Allen
Aurora Yacht Services
Port Ludlow, WA



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