Knowledge Base

Tech Tips and Tricks to save you time and money!

The Knowledge Base page is our way of attempting to share the plethora of those little pearls of wisdom, and knowledge that we have gleaned from having over 50 years of experience in the industry. I literally grew up in our successful family owned boat yards in Vallejo, California, and in Port Townsend Washington. Mike, my dear Ol’ Dad has been at it since he was nineteen, and I’ve got over twelve years as an all around Marine Mechanic, and Systems Technician. I have, over the years, continued my education by attending a number of the major engine manufacturers’ schooling, receiving accreditation. Furthermore, a number of us have also attended classes on Bow Thrusters, Marine Sanitation, Corrosion Control, Watermakers, Heating Systems, Electrical, as well as many other more focused education avenues.

Nonetheless, there is no better an education than years of hands-on experience.

From an early age, I can remember Dad having a sign hanging in the front office which read, “If we cannot find a way, we will make one…” I’ve adopted this motto as well.

I believe this motto speaks to our passion for the business, and to our eagerness to find solutions for our clients where perhaps others have failed or have just plain given up.

So, please enjoy this page and watch it grow in content as time goes by.

Owen Galmukoff